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A Culinary Adventure: The Top 3 Ethnic Restaurants in Greenville, SC

Greenville Post – April, 2023

Greenville, South Carolina, a city of unsuspecting charm, has quietly become a food lover’s paradise. As you meander through its bustling streets, you’ll discover a veritable treasure trove of gastronomic delights. Today, we embark on an epicurean journey through the top 3 ethnic eateries in Greenville: Aryana Afghan Cuisine, Asada, and The Pita House. Pack your appetite, dear reader, as we dive into the flavorsome world of these culinary gems.

  1. Aryana Afghan Cuisine: A Hearty Hug from Afghanistan Aryana Afghan Cuisine, a cozy little nook tucked away in the heart of Greenville, promises a warm embrace of Afghanistan’s rich culinary heritage. This family-run haven of hospitality serves up age-old Afghan recipes, handed down through generations with love and care.

Commence your feast with Bulani, a delightful concoction of spinach and potatoes wrapped in a crispy flatbread. For your main course, savor the Lamb Kabob, marinated to perfection in a secret blend of spices, or the Lamb & Chicken Kabob, served with an aromatic rice dish speckled with, raisins, and carrots. Top off your Afghan adventure with Firni, a silky rosewater-infused custard that will leave you swooning.

  1. Asada: A Latin Love Affair Asada, a lively Latin fusion eatery, brings the essence of Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and beyond to Greenville’s doorstep. With its vibrant atmosphere and colorful décor, Asada invites you to indulge in an exhilarating whirlwind romance with the myriad flavors of Latin America.

Kick off your culinary escapade by splitting an order of Lomo Saltado Poutine, or the Tacos De Camarones & Mole, an Asian inspired Salt & Pepper Shrimp tossed in Mole sauce. For the main attraction, delight in the Chicken Karaage Taco, Japanese style Fried Chicken marinated in Sake, Ginger, Garlic and Soy, or the Churrasco, a juicy grilled skirt steak accompanied by chimichurri and yuca fries. Round off your Latin liaison with Tres Leches cake, a moist sponge cake lovingly soaked in three types of milk and crowned with whipped cream.

  1. The Pita House: A Mezze Masterpiece The Pita House, a long-standing Greenville favorite, invites you to bask in the comforting glow of Middle Eastern cuisine. For over twenty years, this unpretentious eatery has been dishing up an array of mouthwatering mezze, using fresh ingredients and time-honored techniques to create a feast for the senses.

Begin your Middle Eastern odyssey with the velvety Hummus or the smoky Baba Ghanouj. Venture forth into the realm of shawarma, falafel, and kabob platters, or sample the delectable Gyro Plate, starring succulent slices of lamb and beef adorned with tzatziki sauce, rice, and pita bread. Conclude your journey with Baklava, a sinfully sweet pastry teeming with nuts and honey, or a helping of creamy Rice Pudding.  (non-SSL website)

In Greenville, the unsuspecting epicurean can embark on a culinary expedition through the enticing flavors of Afghanistan, the vibrant fusion of Latin cuisines, and the warm embrace of Middle Eastern delights. Visit Aryana Afghan Cuisine, Asada, and The Pita House, and relish in the diverse and scrumptious dishes that have earned these establishments their top spots in Greenville’s ethnic dining scene. Happy eating!

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