Falls Park on the Reedy: Greenville’s Best Park is Nationally Ranked #9

In the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina, Falls Park on the Reedy stands as an example of urban renewal and natural beauty. This prominent and beloved park, ranked 9th in USA TODAY’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards for Best City Parks in 2024, is a testament to the transformative power of visionary urban planning. Far from being hidden, Falls Park has become Greenville’s most recognizable landmark and a catalyst for the city’s renaissance.

From Forgotten Space to Urban Oasis

A Brief History

Once an area overshadowed by a concrete overpass and neglected for decades, Falls Park on the Reedy has undergone a remarkable transformation. In the early 2000s, Greenville’s leaders made the bold decision to remove the Camperdown Bridge, which had obscured the natural beauty of the Reedy River falls for years. This decision marked the beginning of a dramatic revitalization that would change the face of downtown Greenville forever.

The Visionaries Behind the Park

The park’s transformation wasn’t just a matter of clearing away concrete. Landscape architects, city planners, and local advocates worked tirelessly to create a space that would honor the natural beauty of the falls while serving as a functional and inviting public space. Their efforts have paid off, creating a park that seamlessly blends natural elements with thoughtful design.

Natural Beauty Meets Architectural Innovation

The Reedy River Falls: Nature’s Centerpiece

The park’s crowning glory is undoubtedly the series of waterfalls along the Reedy River. These cascades, which drop 28 feet through the park, provide a mesmerizing focal point and a soothing natural soundtrack to visitors’ experiences. The falls have been carefully preserved and enhanced, with viewing areas strategically placed to offer the best vantage points.

The Liberty Bridge: A Feat of Engineering and Design

Spanning 345 feet across the river gorge, the Liberty Bridge is more than just a pedestrian walkway—it’s a work of art. Designed by Boston architect Miguel Rosales, this curved suspension bridge appears to float above the falls, offering unparalleled views of the water and surrounding gardens. Its unique cantilevered design means that there are no vertical supports above the deck, ensuring unobstructed views of the falls.

A Park for All Seasons and All People

Year-Round Appeal

Falls Park shines in every season. Spring brings a riot of color with blooming flowers and trees, summer offers lush green spaces perfect for picnics, fall paints the park in warm hues, and winter transforms it into a twinkling wonderland with holiday light displays.

Events and Activities

The park isn’t just a passive space—it’s alive with activity throughout the year. From yoga classes on the lawn to outdoor concerts and art installations, Falls Park serves as Greenville’s outdoor living room. The annual “Moonlight Movies” series in the summer and “Ice on Main” skating rink in the winter draw crowds from across the region.

Economic and Community Impact

Spurring Downtown Development

The success of Falls Park has had a ripple effect on Greenville’s economy. The West End district surrounding the park has seen a renaissance, with new restaurants, boutique shops, and residential developments springing up. Property values in the area have soared, and the park has become a major draw for tourists, boosting the local hospitality industry.

A Model for Other Cities

Mayors and urban planners from across the country now visit Greenville to study Falls Park as a model for their own redevelopment projects. The park demonstrates how investing in public spaces can yield significant returns in terms of economic development, community well-being, and city identity.

Looking to the Future

As Greenville continues to grow and evolve, Falls Park remains at the heart of the city’s identity. Plans for the future include enhanced connectivity with other green spaces in the city, additional programming to engage diverse communities, and ongoing efforts to preserve and protect the Reedy River ecosystem.

Falls Park on the Reedy isn’t just a park; it’s a symbol of Greenville’s rebirth and a testament to what’s possible when a city embraces its natural assets. Its recognition in the USA TODAY 10Best list is well-deserved, but for the people of Greenville, it’s simply the crown jewel of their beloved city—a place where nature, community, and urban life come together in perfect harmony.

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