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Brew in the Zoo

Brew in the Zoo

Greenville Post

The zoo has devised a plan to bring together the most unlikely of companions – frothy beers and feral beasts. They call it the “Brew in the Zoo,” a name that has a certain charm that could only come from the minds of those who spend their days tending to an unruly orchestra of hoots, growls, and roars. Now, for the thirteenth year running, they’ve thrown open the gates for an evening of zoological revelry, set for the quite fortunate Friday, the 19th of May.

From the manageable hour of six in the evening until the decidedly less manageable ten o’clock at night, attendees are cordially invited to explore the zoo in a manner most unorthodox. By day, it’s a place of education and amusement, a showcase of Mother Nature’s menagerie. But on this particular night, it will transform into an adventurous pub, where the lagers roam as freely as the lions (though, thankfully, behind much sturdier barriers).

Early Admission (6:00 pm) – $70
General Admission (7:00pm) – $55
Designated Driver Early Admission (6:00pm) – $40 (Food and Pepsi only)
Designated Driver General Admission (7:00pm) – $30 (Food and Pepsi only)

The zookeepers promise an assortment of beers to sample, as diverse and intriguing as the zoo’s collection of exotic fauna. And to keep the beast of hunger at bay, a selection of light fare will be on offer, ensuring that neither man nor woman needs to venture into the wilds of late-night fast food.

The zoo has a special treat for those prompt enough to secure an early admission or general admission ticket. Each will receive a souvenir shot glass, a trophy to remember the evening’s exploits and a promise of unlimited beer sampling. They’ll also be treated to complimentary food and Pepsi products because nothing says a night at the zoo quite like a belly full of beer and a handful of nachos.

Let’s not forget the designated drivers, the unsung heroes of the night. They will also be gifted free food and Pepsi products, a small token of gratitude for ensuring everyone else’s wild night doesn’t end in a less-than-ideal adventure. The Brew in the Zoo is a testament to the sheer ingenuity of human fun, a reminder that even in the most unexpected places, we can find ways to enjoy ourselves and a promise that at the Greenville Zoo, they really do know how to put on a show.


  1. New Realm Brewing 
  2. Steel Hands Brewing
  3. Wicked Weed Brewing
  4. Bold Rock Hard Cider
  5. Victory Brewing Company
  6. New Belgium Brewing
  7. Hi-Wire Brewing
  8. Allagash Brewing Company
  9. Palmetto Brewing Company
  10. Catawba Brewing Company
  11. Columbia Craft Brewing Company
  12. Commonhouse Aleworks
  13. Austin Eastciders
  14. Sugar Creek Brewing Company
  15. Goose Island Beer Company
  16. Peak Drift Brewing Company
  17. Wild Leap Brewing





150 Cleveland Park Drive Greenville, SC 29601


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